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friend icon I am so happy to be with TopCashBack! I purchased some diapers for my grandson, got the diapers for FREE & MY MONEY I SPENT PLUS SOME EXTRA MONEY!! AWESOME!!!
  Member1767836544 | 15 Aug 2014
friend icon I wasn't sure how smooth it would be to use TopCashBack but I've used it several times now and it is perfect! I've ordered things through them that in the end were free! TopCashBack is amazing! I love ordering an Amazon gift card because you get 2.5% more cash back! Thanks, TopCashBack!
  TMSB03 | 15 Aug 2014
friend icon Just half a year I got almost $200,can't live without your company! I love top cash back!
  Member2849839712 | 15 Aug 2014
friend icon I wasn't sure if this was legit or not, but I caved and couldn't be happier. I Love free things! I'll tell all my friends!
  Member82192536853 | 15 Aug 2014
friend icon i like top cashback, it helps me save a lots of money
  Member10565624807 | 15 Aug 2014
friend icon I'm very happy to use this Site and very appreciate with the savings and cashback. Every time I requested the earnings, and it actually transferred in time, not a moment denied. I LOVE IT!
  lizhenqiang | 15 Aug 2014
friend icon There are so many cash back websites out there now and it gets to be a bit overwhelming trying to figure out the best site to use. When top cashback came around that all changed as now top cashback is the best and the only site I use. No more looking around from site to site for the best deals because top cash back has always got them. I absolutely love this site and recommend it to anyone looking to earn money for doing something they are going to do anyways, shopping.
  Member1757197339 | 15 Aug 2014
friend icon This has definitely been a huge way to benefit my family and myself. They didn't believe that this was real until I got my cash back into my account without any issues. This is real and it works!
  Member61844588446 | 15 Aug 2014
friend icon After using many cash back sites and being a very loyal ebates member for years I have found the payouts from topcashback are the best percentage and have switched from being a ebates fan to being a topcashback fan. The payouts are always consistent and while it takes a while for the funds to be available the wait is worth it for some money I would not otherwise have available. Very easy to use, when you find a place you want to buy from online just hop over to topcashback and find the site, click through and then shop as normal. Later that day you get a notification that your transaction was confirmed.
  ballen0420 | 15 Aug 2014
friend icon My first experience with TopCashBack was getting a free Frozen DVD for my daughter. I am hooked! Best $ back site ever!
  Member11616441803 | 15 Aug 2014
friend icon Best cashback site! Quick and easy payment! I love this!
  DAVID_ANSELMI | 15 Aug 2014
friend icon I was skeptical as anyone would be at first but I've earned a lot in just 6 months and was paid in full through PayPal quicker than I thought. Costumer service is also fast and friendly. I highly recommend this site.
  wenpingjin163 | 14 Aug 2014
friend icon My family and I have literally gotten thousands of dollars in cash back by going through TopCashback thanks to their higher cash back percentage at sites like Groupon and LivingSocial.
  DHL | 14 Aug 2014
friend icon Topcashback has been my top pick for online shopping since the day I started using it.
  hai_karthi | 14 Aug 2014
friend icon I am really happy with topcashback! never miss any credit...
  Member61833288637 | 14 Aug 2014