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friend icon I've had a great experience using Top Cashback! They have more cashback available than other sites and it's always paid out quickly.
  babythunder | 16 Aug 2014
friend icon I'm a new topcashback user, but have used the competitors. So far I am impressed by the responsiveness of the customer support when I had a transaction that did not show up in my account. It's was painless to send in my order information and receive confirmation that the staff corrected the issue.
  philltran | 16 Aug 2014
friend icon I was so pleased with my first TopCashBack experience.... I bought a box of kcup coffee from Bed, Bath and Beyond for 10.99 and I got 12.50 back! You seriously can't beat that! I know use TopCashBack for all my online shopping.
  Member72103005401 | 16 Aug 2014
friend icon I always use Topcashback for all for my purchase if possible. They offer the best and competitive advantage which is totally irresistible. To name a few advantages, Topcashback offers a huge network to offer you choices of vendors, with unbeatable cashback rewards in the market. Their one-click user interface connect you to vendors without hassle. Their mobile app brings you living promotion and deals on the go. Needless to say their commitment to fast and prompt payment always promises you the rewards you are entitled to, worry-free. Everyday they really help me save a lot. The perfect world cannot exist without Topcashback. Much Appreciated.
  kay12345 | 16 Aug 2014
friend icon Great site and fast cash back
  Member5384058840 | 15 Aug 2014
friend icon A TopCashback jingle... Great deals and coupons From iPhones to bonbons Just click, watch it track Then wait a little and get cashback!
  djy2g33 | 15 Aug 2014
friend icon I used this site for most of my online shoppings and I loved the fact that this site has more participating retailers than any other cashback site.
  alohachip | 15 Aug 2014
friend icon Support ticket don't still handle my issues.
  candy_tiger | 15 Aug 2014
friend icon Topcashback is my #1 cashback online portal that I use. No issues with the shopping tracking or payouts for 2 years now!
  gr1mee | 15 Aug 2014
friend icon I use cashbackaholic to compare cashback % and topcashback constantly comes up as the highest plus they don't have a minimum amount to cashout while others do.. for these reasons Topcashback is my favorite site to save some money while shopping oline.
  capripor | 15 Aug 2014
friend icon Searched around for a reputable and reliable cashback site when buying a significant international flight. They had the best cash back and they paid me back promptly and with no fuss! Would definitely use again!
  Member5372455456 | 15 Aug 2014
friend icon I've used two other cash back sites quite a bit over the past 8 years or so, and Top Cashback consistently pays more than either of those other sites... I don't even bother checking anymore!
  magicdave4 | 15 Aug 2014
friend icon My whole family loves Topcashback because they get stuff they want and i love it becasue i get my money back. it is a win win situation.)
  Member2949351828 | 15 Aug 2014
friend icon I really love TopCashBack! They are a great company to go through for online shopping cash back. Can't beat their 100% cash back offers!
  Member1708247246 | 15 Aug 2014
friend icon Best cashback site so far. Customer service is very helpful.
  Member10586706142 | 15 Aug 2014