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friend icon This sounds a really good deal! Everybody needs help in this economy!!
  Member82178396044 | 13 Aug 2014
friend icon was able to receive cash back value higher than the item i purchased love this site. love the cashout options.
  dequan18 | 13 Aug 2014
friend icon I like to work with this company !!! always a pleasure to receive bonuses !!! Your work is worthy of praise, and you are always the best
  5400951515 | 13 Aug 2014
friend icon this cashback site is real and reliable, i got all my cashback already from paypal also AMAZON giftcard, not missing any bill. I will keep using it for long time! Hope you guys also have nice experience here!
  njuzhangxu | 12 Aug 2014
friend icon This site has the appropriate name for it.. It is definitely the TOP one for me... and is my new favorite.. I honestly was skeptical in the beginning as to how someone can be so much better than the competition... I now LOVE topcashback and hope it continues to love me and pay me... Now this is what a cashback site is...
  Member3283574130 | 12 Aug 2014
friend icon Earning money for purchasing items I already planned on buying seemed to good to be true! I love this site and will never shop online again without going through!
  Member72063138728 | 12 Aug 2014
friend icon I wasn't to sure at first it's hard to know what sites are legit but I can say this one is it is worth joining you will be glad you did
  Member51719256242 | 12 Aug 2014
friend icon Topcashback is easy to use website and all my purchases are tracked and paid in time...Truly awesome
  Member12196457758 | 12 Aug 2014
friend icon I have to say Topcashback is the best cash back site I have ever used. I have tried ebates, shopathome, upromise, mypoints, etc. but you have to earn a large amount before any of them will payout and you also have to wait for your reward to be mailed from some. Topcashback pays per transaction and through paypal so I get payments fast....I love that. Topcashback is the only cash back website I will use now.
  lsmayo37 | 12 Aug 2014
friend icon It is so easy! Felt funny at first since I hadn't done anything like this before. Now I try to find what I want on a site on TopCashBack so that I get a rebate. Bummed when I can't!
  Member8482510148 | 12 Aug 2014
friend icon Topcashback is the best site out there for cash back! They always offer the highest percentage and there's no long wait time to get your money, and they offer an extra percentage for receiving your money as a gift card!
  ssharp51209 | 12 Aug 2014
friend icon Love TopCashback! I always check here before shopping online.
  enchantedsavings | 12 Aug 2014
friend icon A shopaholic is very happy with TopCashBack!
  andyliu | 12 Aug 2014
friend icon It is a good cashback site.
  candy_tiger | 12 Aug 2014
friend icon Having used many cashback portals over the years, I have been impressed with Topcashback's consistently high payout amounts. The support is decent too.
  chasebradley | 12 Aug 2014