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Walmart Reviews
Very pleasant experience
  achistef | May 21, 2018 Report Abuse
Great service
  JenChaveste | May 21, 2018 Report Abuse
Walmart is where I spend the most, as a conflicted amazon share holder, lol!
  pattybear | May 20, 2018 Report Abuse
It was simple and well worth it!
  MonicaJ | May 18, 2018 Report Abuse
Awesome - fast payment easy process with walmart. Thanks!
  queenjessicap | May 17, 2018 Report Abuse
I love buying from walmart and I feel very comfortable and thank you very much
  emre_mohamed | May 17, 2018 Report Abuse
Easy transaction!
  iknowlarry | May 17, 2018 Report Abuse
Good shipping
  ilovemoney123 | May 16, 2018 Report Abuse
So easy to order and pick up! win, win all around!
  JenniferKonopka | May 10, 2018 Report Abuse
Good rate, but long time to confirm cashback
  aramwares | May 08, 2018 Report Abuse
Great svce
  yickming | May 06, 2018 Report Abuse
Simple & easy
  freebayne | May 02, 2018 Report Abuse
Thanks for the cashback. Very please
  Cliffhot | Apr 30, 2018 Report Abuse
It took awhile for them to find my order, but then they did!everything was fine then!
  Bgay1966 | Apr 29, 2018 Report Abuse
Always easy when using site to store thru topcashback. Love it!
  CouponCrazy305 | Apr 27, 2018 Report Abuse
Just fine. Quick and easy
  Riuski | Apr 26, 2018 Report Abuse
Super easy & I needed it anyhow.
  cm8929 | Apr 25, 2018 Report Abuse
I love walmart, and use topcashback for all my walmart.Com purchases
  mj1357 | Apr 24, 2018 Report Abuse
Good retailer.....
  rnp511 | Apr 24, 2018 Report Abuse
Easy to used and easy to navigate fast payment
  starlyn1986 | Apr 22, 2018 Report Abuse
Walmart is pretty consistent with the feedback. Although they have changed to only offering cashback on certain categories
  xiqeates | Apr 20, 2018 Report Abuse
This is so easy
  mrenihan | Apr 20, 2018 Report Abuse
Wonderful cashback opportunities
  NPragz | Apr 19, 2018 Report Abuse
Thanks topcahback
  cgirlie2 | Apr 18, 2018 Report Abuse
Nice nice prices! thank you!
  Hayashi151 | Apr 17, 2018 Report Abuse
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