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Walmart Reviews
The walmart transaction went as planned and payment showed up in topcashback in a very timely manner. After linking to walmart and order went thru, it was confusing to where I pick item up at first, but once I learned the proper place of pickup, which was in back of store inside, I was very pleased. I would order again this way sometime in future.
  sjh2k | Apr 25, 2017 Report Abuse
Super easy
  nushmanpuri | Apr 24, 2017 Report Abuse
Great easy transaction. Good service.
  svs0671 | Apr 20, 2017 Report Abuse
Nice & easy shipping
  Mooshops | Apr 08, 2017 Report Abuse
Topcashback is great . Walmart is very bad.
  atanasovma25 | Apr 07, 2017 Report Abuse
Cheap prices, everything that I need is here
  authenticbeauty | Apr 06, 2017 Report Abuse
Easy to use, found items that could be shipped directly to my home.
  monadongray | Apr 05, 2017 Report Abuse
This is an easy cash back reward! I start at topcashback.Com, click through to walmart.Com, place my order and then pick it up when it's ready. This is convenience with a cash back reward!
  dlmartin11 | Apr 04, 2017 Report Abuse
Easy money!
  cbiz51 | Apr 02, 2017 Report Abuse
Great customer service
  Georgia16 | Apr 02, 2017 Report Abuse
I love it thanks aaa++++
  Molly276 | Apr 01, 2017 Report Abuse
Really good
  Jed | Mar 31, 2017 Report Abuse
It was extremely quick and easy to use.
  Temp2387 | Mar 31, 2017 Report Abuse
Great store, never have a problem ordering online.
  Maya_Bailey | Mar 29, 2017 Report Abuse
Awesome cashback!!
  TChynoweth | Mar 29, 2017 Report Abuse
Excellent !!!
  diabhi | Mar 29, 2017 Report Abuse
Its great getting a little extra backw hen ordering through walmart.
  SuzyQ84 | Mar 28, 2017 Report Abuse
Easy transaction, and good service
  beakus71 | Mar 24, 2017 Report Abuse
Fast cash back!!
  Lolab01 | Mar 21, 2017 Report Abuse
Just 1 more step
  hrsose | Mar 21, 2017 Report Abuse
Great job!!!
  Member66747425156 | Mar 20, 2017 Report Abuse
  luethjem | Mar 18, 2017 Report Abuse
Fast pay and always accurate
  Tripcord | Mar 17, 2017 Report Abuse
A pleasure to work through tcb and so easy, I love it!
  eahspec1 | Mar 15, 2017 Report Abuse
Best way for cash back~
  Meijun_Huo | Mar 11, 2017 Report Abuse
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