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friend icon I preferentially pick companies that participate with Top Cash Back. The savings makes for a significant advantage over their competitors.
  jeremyeng | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon When I initially heard about Top Cashback I have to say I was a little skeptical that a company would pay me to shop just for going through their site. However, I quickly realized they did exactly just that and I have earned quite a bit over the last few months. And when I had an issue recently with one of their offers, I filed a claim and it was resolved in a very timely manner. I am really pleased with Top Cashback and recommend them to people daily!
  skorr10 | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon I earned enough bucks from top cash back to but all school supplies for my kids. love it. Go top cash back. yaay
  msaeed | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon i was really surprised to find that there is a website like that which is so generous in cash back. love "top cash back".
  daisy77 | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon This is the first place I go to when getting ready to make a purchase. Quick paying + great deals = the best rebate site online!
  bluefirefaerie | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon This site is AMAZING. I thought at first it was some type of trick. I've used other sites before, mostly point based, the other sites were super slow to award points, quick to make them disappear for no reason and you didn't earn much to begin with. Top Cashback is different. They are quick with the cash back and great with response time for questions. I love this site and will continue to stop here first whenever I shop online.
  tenea13 | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon I joined to get free k-cups from a promotion, and I notice that the cashback rates here are often better than other sites!
  Member82161476953 | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon I LOVE the idea and think its the best thing since sliced bread. I'm using to buy ALL MY wedding supplies so that I can afford to have the wedding I WANT. If I could change anything, I would make the payout time faster and also offer more freebies for long time members. Other than that, you have a great idea!!!
  reny24 | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon I wish I knew about TopCashBack sooner. Purchasing through TopCashBack is easier than I thought it would be. I've earned money back quickly and was able to transfer it directly to my paypal account. I always recommend TopCashBack to friends.
  DE_Aiesi | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon This is the only place where you will find everything you need that too with amazing deals....It really hurts to find how much we have been spending before moving here.
  kumi2805 | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon This is one of the best sites where you can find really amazing deals. Wish I could have found this earlier which could have saved me loads of dollars.
  rami0201 | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon Reliable cash back company..! Works for me without any issues..and it is top cash back..!
  tinkueg | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon Earning cashback at places I already shop was a no-brainer for me! Not only does Top Cashback provide cash back after your purchase, but many times they provide promotion codes to get discounts at checkout, too! What a deal!
  mlswift | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon This is the best way to earn or save money buying everything you need.
  Elena_Semenova | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon TopCashback is an amazing way for families to earn money on their everyday purchases. The exclusive offers are the best! You actually shop for free! Members can refer others to earn free money too! iIt is a must for the savvy shopper!
  Member9532152631 | 11 Aug 2014