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friend icon I was completely skeptical and hesitant to join. Especially after only finding by chance while searching for something else entirely. But it is worth it. Depending how much you buy it can take some time get a buildup but every little but helps! We have 4 kids from 3 months to 6 years and very penny helps!
  Lowrensqueen | 11 Aug 2014
  Member82170401913 | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon This is a great web site to save money. I have got several items for free after receiving my cash back. Choosing an Amazon gift card earns you even more cash. Using Top Cash Back is one of my favorite ways to save.
  sweetlee | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon Top Cashback is amazing. I have been using it as a major cashback site and it did save much money for me, LOVE IT!
  goodboy27 | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon I am thrilled with this website! I can't believe how much I earned from shopping at a site. I would have bought the products anyway and not made any money. This was the first purchase I made and I could not be happier. I will not shop without going through Top Cash Back again. I am so thankful I discovered this!
  Member82151016237 | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon I had been using mrrebates and ebates before my sister referred me to TopCashback! I come here first whenever i'm going to make a purchase online. Not only are your offers a lot better, but the payments are so much quicker, too! I love how many options we have for receiving our cashback. I've been getting my cashback in Amazon gift cards and I will be buying a Kindle Fire hdx soon with the money I have saved! These are all sites I would be shopping at anyway and I want to thank your staff for this amazing website.
  keelk17 | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon My friend referred me to this site in the beginning. Once i tried, it was so easy to use. I use top cash for almost all online purchases. It almost covers my taxes for some purchases with the cash back. It almost feels like its tax free.
  Sunrays24 | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon I had really good experience with topcashback. My cash back was tracked properly and the ACH transfer for the cash back is amazingly fast.
  haoniukun | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon It's a most generous cashback site, we love it!
  linfeiyu | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon After receiving three TopCasbBack money rewards I will never use another site again to gain money for my purchases. This is by far the best site. I have shared with family and friends. Out of the family and friends I shared TopCashBack with, 4 of my family members have already become members of TopCashBack. I use PayPal to cash out what money is owed to me. I have also used Amazon to get cash back. I thought it would take quite some time to gain my money rewards but it did not. I received my three TopCashBack money rewards within a week. I would not trade this website for any other! If you have not given it a try, you must do so. I promise you will love it!!
  amandaskool77 | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon I wasn't sure if I would have to fight tooth and nail to get my money, boy I was I wrong! I have only used Topcash a few times but it has been painless. So easy to use and cashout straight to PayPal. Who doesn't love FREE laundry soap, crayons etc. :)
  Member31098659722 | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon It's a most generous cashback site, we love it!
  jywwy | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon TopCashBack is the best site of its kind. I compared a few others and everytime I have used TCB because they offer the most back!
  destanynoel04 | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon Top Cashback really is tops! This is now my go-to website whenever I do any online shopping!
  Member82165115907 | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon I always use to earn my cash back when I do my shopping online.
  rungnapha | 11 Aug 2014