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friend icon It has been a while but I have finally gotten a purchase confirmed and am now waiting for it to be looking forward to getting this account rolling and working for me!!
  ryliesgma | 12 Aug 2014
friend icon I enjoy getting cashback on things I buy does take a while to be credited but thats ok. Would like to have Amazon included since I buy from there all the time. Overall a great shopping tool :-)
  sgenobles | 12 Aug 2014
friend icon Very surprise to see the first cashback appears on my Paypal, TopCashBack handles their payment pretty quick. Good work, and keep it up.
  Kellson | 12 Aug 2014
friend icon I joined in late June and have already been paid into my bank over $20 for just buying stuff I needed...what a brilliant concept
  maemaew | 12 Aug 2014
friend icon I loooove TopCashBack because I get money back for purchases I was going to make anyway and the best part is you can cash out at any time as soon as it clears instead of having to wait 3 or 4 months for them to mail out a check like other companies!! :)
  kelmore0006 | 12 Aug 2014
friend icon I am a newbie here but I'm looking forward to earning cashback rewards, it looks like a great program.
  gailbk11 | 12 Aug 2014
friend icon I've just joined and am looking forward to earning money..Will keep you posted.
  Member82171885721 | 12 Aug 2014
friend icon I am very glad to cooperate with topcashback fastest cashback of those who had a chance to use
  anis | 12 Aug 2014
friend icon at first I was looking forward to saving money and did!
  x135ll | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon I am so glad to have found TopCashBack! I am earning money by purchasing items I need to buy anyway. You just can't beat getting paid to shop!
  she2044370 | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon I just started using this site and so far it seems great. I have always been credited soon after purchase. I have not cashed out yet but I am looking forward to my first check :)
  Member71951191956 | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon I got 500 cash back each year . I spend a lot money each year. I thank topcash back as they offer highest cash back . Choosing topcashback saves your money
  Member31043802936 | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon This is the best cash back site with a group of people who really are concerned about the shoppers !!! Love it !
  Member41574302501 | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon It's a most generous cashback site, we love it!
  theodore | 11 Aug 2014
friend icon I can get discount codes here. I can get cash back here. I have no reason not to come back here.
  icoke1234 | 11 Aug 2014