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Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday: What Items to Buy To help you plan out your shopping — and save you the most money — GOBankingRates talked to retail experts to determine which items are best to buy each day.
7 Nov 2017 | Read Full Article
7 Signs Your Frugality Is Obsessive There's a ton of advice on saving money out there, and while there's a ton on how to spend it as well, spending more than you need to is generally frowned upon. Don't miss what TopCashback has to say about frugality.
30 Oct 2017 | Read Full Article
9 Common Mistakes You're Making With Your Checking Most of us think about our checking account in only one way: Is there enough money in it? Natasha Rachel Smith, Personal Finance Expert at reminds consumers to check their transaction history to ensure the correct payments are being deducated.
25 Oct 2017 | Read Full Article
5 Easy Ways To Save Money On Holiday Shopping With core holiday shopping season just around the corner, it can be stressful thinking about all of the money you may have to shell out for presents. Cashback shopping allows consumers to save money on nearly everything they buy online, regardless of whether a particular store is holding a sale. Shop via TopCashback to earn cashback on shopping.
23 Oct 2017 | Read Full Article
Bundling Your Insurance Policies Offers Savings If you’re looking for the easiest way to save money on insurance premiums then bundling your policies is probably the best bet. TopCashback's Personal Finance Expert, Natasha Rachel Smith comments on ways to save by bundling insurance policies.
20 Oct 2017 | Read Full Article
Cha-Ching! National Savings Day is Oct. 12 Oct. 12 is the first-ever National Savings Day but we should be taking saving seriously every day. The easiest way to save is to earn cashback via a cashback website like
11 Oct 2017 | Read Full Article
Fall Travel on a Budget Katie of The Homespun Hydrangea discusses ways to save on fall travel via
10 Oct 2017 | Read Full Article
7 Reasons Fall Is the Cheapest Time to Travel Natasha Rachel Smith, Personal Finance Expert at touches upon how to shop smart and strategically on Black Friday and Cyber Monday
20 Sep 2017 | Read Full Article
10 Tips For How to Book a Cruise That Isn't Crazy There are a variety of ways to save money when booking a cruise, including searching for deals. Sign up for and receive cashback on your cruise purchases through popular travel sites like Expedia, Princess Cruises and Orbitz. Stacking sales is a great way to get the most bang for your buck.
16 Aug 2017 | Read Full Article
Back-to-School Deals, Discounts and Tips It's back-to-school season, which may feel more like back-to-spending season for parents. Don't stress though! Try websites where you can earn cash while browsing, like TopCashBack to get the most bang for your buck while shopping for back-to-school supplies.
7 Aug 2017 | Read Full Article
Four Ways to Save on Back-to-School Shopping School supplies are one of the hot commodities that people will be shopping for this back-to-school season. Sites like let you shop online at a variety of stores including Target, Kohl's and JCPenney and get cash back in the form of gift cards.
2 Aug 2017 | Read Full Article
7 Deals That Can Save Startups $1,000 Or More For many startups, saving money is the name of the game. Oliver Ragg and Mike Tomkins founded the popular rebates/cash back site in the summer of 2005. Today, the site partners with 4,000+ merchants and is rapidly approaching 2 million registered members.
18 Jul 2017 | Read Full Article
Tricks For Saving Time and Money at the Store Despite how many visits we make to the local bodega, big-box chains and our go-to grocery store, there are ways to save. Natasha Rachel Smith, Personal Finance Expert at comments on product placement and spending.
10 Jul 2017 | Read Full Article
2 Websites Offering Extra Cash Back Right Now TopCashBack is offering a 20 percent “boost” on any cash back you earn through its website on Tuesday. So if you made $10 in cash back, TopCashBack would give you $12.
17 Jan 2017 | Read Full Article
Save More With These Top Cash Back Sites Shoppers looking for a bargain often look online to find good deals. If you spend your money online at stores like Amazon, Walmart and Target, you could be getting money back. How much did you spend on Amazon last year? If you had visited before buying, you'd have 10 percent of what you spent back in your pocket.
2 Sep 2016 | Read Full Article