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Most Popular Irish Traditions in Kansas A new survey by found that wearing green is the most popular Irish tradition in both the U.S. and Kansas.
8 Mar 2018 | Read Full Article
Some Vacation-Planning Strategies The Associated Press asked Smith to share vacation-planning strategies along with some insights into how TopCashback works.
21 Feb 2018 | Read Full Article
Hacks to Get a Flight Upgrade From flying at the right time to simply being friendly to the employees at the gate, travel experts spill their flight upgrade secrets.
17 Feb 2018 | Read Full Article
When Spending More Benefits Your Budget Cutting expenses is an important step to balance your budget and set yourself up for financial success. Natasha Rachel Smith, personal finance expert at weighs in on when it makes sense to pay more and save less.
15 Feb 2018 | Read Full Article
Valentine's Day Gifts Under $50 According to a recent study by deal site,, 60 percent of men have a spending target of under $100 where 41 percent of women hope to spend less than $50. The good news? We've found 20 gifts under $50 that will delight your partner, and your savings account.
6 Feb 2018 | Read Full Article
Budget-Friendly Ways to Throw a Super Bowl Party On average, Americans will spend a total of $207.16 on Super Bowl festivities. Natasha Rachel Smith, a personal finance expert at says going the potluck/BYOB route is a fantastic way to minimize your Super Bowl party expenses.
4 Feb 2018 | Read Full Article
How to Pay off Debt According to the Federal Reserve, Americans had a total outstanding credit debt of over $3 trillion at the end of the third quarter in 2017. Natasha Rachel Smith, personal finance expert at recommends consolidating your credit card debt with a balance transfer card.
1 Feb 2018 | Read Full Article
TopCashback Survey Reveals Best Vday Gifts, the USA’s most generous cashback rebates and coupon site, found the top three gifts for this year’s February holiday include: something thoughtful (61 percent), simply spending time together (54 percent) and dinner or a movie (40 percent).
29 Jan 2018 | Read Full Article
Ways to Maximize Your Credit Cards Rewards With the odds, for once, stacked in a credit card consumer's favor, how can one best maximize the credit card experience? Credit card experts are weighing in with a few good ideas. Natasha Rachel Smith, Personal Finance Expert at recommends selecting a card with a flexible miles program.
24 Jan 2018 | Read Full Article
Times You Should Never Open a Store Credit Card Resist that temptation to open a store credit card during the holidays. Reader's Digest asked credit experts to explain when you should say "no"—and when you can say "yes." Natasha Rachel Smith, personal finance expert at explains retail cards charge exorbitant interest rates regardless of how wonderful your credit worthiness is.
23 Jan 2018 | Read Full Article
Immediate Things to Do to Resist an Impulse Buy f you've ever found yourself in this shopping scenario, learn the strategies to resist the bad spending habits affecting your family.
9 Jan 2018 | Read Full Article
Green Monday. Big Shopping Day Some call it Green Monday, others refer to it as Cyber Monday 2 and then there's Manic Monday. Use TopCashback to earn money on your purchases.
11 Dec 2017 | Read Full Article
Tricks Stores Use to Get You to Spend More Click for seven types of gifts that could quite possibly be the worst things for you to give your significant other this holiday season from the experts. Consider yourself warned!
22 Nov 2017 | Read Full Article
101 Ways to Make $1,000 discusses highlights the best saving and earning ideas—each with the aim of winning you an extra $1,000 in 2018, including shopping via cashback sites.
16 Nov 2017 | Read Full Article
Hacks to Save Money on Fancy Duds Tip #5: Use coupons to lower prices. Take advantage of websites like TopCashBack which allow you to earn up to 20% cash back on online purchases, on top of retailer discounts.
13 Nov 2017 | Read Full Article