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Customers rave about Stitch Fix’s keen eye for styling. They received pieces that seemed handcrafted for their unique sizes and personalities. And they could save on their purchases with generous discounts. Shoppers appreciate Stich Fix’s convenience as well. Instead of running from store to store for cute outfits, they can get a mix match of garments to upgrade their wardrobe.

Other Stitch Fix reviews touch on their amazing customer service. Soon-to-be trendsetters can enjoy pleasant and informative telephone conversations with representatives. And they can have last-minute adjustments made without miscommunication or other kinds of hassle. When it comes to merchandise, fashionistas are thrilled with the chic designs.

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Stitch Fix Reviews
friend icon Never did it
  muhvohra | Aug 26, 2017 Report Abuse
friend icon My box wasn't 100% my style, but I think it'll get there!
  embem92 | May 29, 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon Not sure why but they didn't honor the sign up bonus.
  awaite01 | Aug 25, 2017 Report Abuse


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