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Shoppers are lauding their Redbubble experiences on Trustpilot. Rated great overall, the retailer is praised for its fantastic range of products and affordable prices. Many customers were thrilled with their orders, including one reviewer who redecorated her daughter’s room as a birthday surprise. “They gave me so many design options to choose from,” she writes, “and she loved absolutely everything!”

Another Redbubble review gushes over the duvet cover she purchased, which arrived on time and “in a very cute package,” she adds. Others also discuss the helpful support reps that are always quick to respond and resolve any issues.

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Redbubble Reviews
friend icon Excellent. Very quick.
  ddklloyd | Oct 25, 2017 Report Abuse
friend icon Despite doing everything by the book, the order didn't get tracked. Customer service can't help because redbubble doesn't accept missing cashback claims.
  sunskysea | Jul 03, 2020 Report Abuse


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