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Based on the positive Newegg reviews below, TopCashback members are very satisfied with their experiences at Many say they receive their cash back fast and easy, citing zero tracking issues. The retailer was “one of the first to approve my cash back after my Black Friday buying binge,” claims a shopper. Another calls cash back a nice way to save while making necessary purchases.

More Newegg reviews discuss how simple it is to order from the electronics store. One customer says the website was easy to navigate and remembers receiving “great communication” when placing an order. Several others point out the great prices and products Newegg offers. From what we're gathering from these reviews, it’s safe to say our members would highly recommend this merchant to family and friends.

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I don't have any problem with Newegg and enjoy their deals and everyday prices. However, when it comes to TopCashBack payments they have gotten the last two transactions wrong. I place one order, they split the order into three invoices, and pay cashback on the lowest amount. That is not right! This may be the last time I order (at least Newegg) through TopCashBack.
  billrw46 | May 25, 2016 Report Abuse
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It’s pretty poor that I have two unanswered requests for missing cash back. I’ll take it into consideration with my next purchase.
  TacoBaron | Jan 28, 2021 Report Abuse
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My cash back for the large purchase of 2 laptops was declined for some reason I don't understand.
  sagemma | Feb 10, 2019 Report Abuse
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Many of the transaction is not tracked... it's something in the middle.
  Vitalii89 | Oct 24, 2018 Report Abuse
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Missed or denied 50% of transactions resulting in over $35 of false promotion. They still denied after missing cashback claims were filed with matching dates and times. Unreliable. I now see this is all a scam to collect more data on me.
  ryanshuck | Jan 17, 2018 Report Abuse
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Some days I purchase multiple items but I only get cash back from one item. This has happened several times.
  jclan61 | Sep 05, 2016 Report Abuse
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Magically it doesn't appear!
  topcashbackyogi | Mar 04, 2016 Report Abuse
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Terrible! Purchase was not tracked, had to submit a claim.
  Locutus500 | Jul 03, 2022 Report Abuse
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Nearly every time cashback is declined
  saleks | Jan 13, 2022 Report Abuse
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Declined my cashback with the very vague "non-commissionable" excuse. Used TCB approved coupon, TCB was last link clicked, no cancellation/exchange/return, only one item not on the excluded list... Don't understand and seems unjustifiable.
  siyaoluan | May 12, 2021 Report Abuse
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Declined payout. Would not buy from again.
  bdwyfan | Jan 21, 2021 Report Abuse
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My qualifying cash back purchase was declined.
  Gilbert Suarez | Sep 02, 2020 Report Abuse
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I use TCB for most all my online purchases over the past few years so I know the rules on how to make sure I get my cashback. Newegg denied my reward plus bonus stating that I didn't follow the correct link. The only reason I purchased from newegg was because I was buying a new laptop and they offered the best cashback value. Really disappointing.
  Schristy227 | Oct 20, 2018 Report Abuse
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I have 2 orders on 10/9/2018. My orders cannot be processed but my debit card has been charged. I can not contact with Newegg on their website. They only answer once time (20/9/2018) on consumeraffairs and then disappear. Currently (12/10/2018) my orders doesn’t refund. I am extremely disappointed. Are thay a reputable company???
  Member1015782404246 | Oct 11, 2018 Report Abuse
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did not track my transaction and CS inquiry was unsuccessful. Got the usual reply that I did something wrong (I did not). Lost out on the cashback earned, plus a bonus.
  cowfishTCB | Feb 13, 2018 Report Abuse
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missing cashback or shorted
  sinerge | Jul 30, 2017 Report Abuse
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Sketchy. Splits up order into multiple orders, and only sends transaction information for the cheapest one. Didn't get all my cashback, even after opening up a ticket with TopCashback. F- customer service.
  dopperpod | Nov 28, 2016 Report Abuse
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Newegg will deny your cashback, for no reason.
  INSANE_CANES | Nov 21, 2016 Report Abuse
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I am not getting all of my cash back credit! Very dissapointed!
  jclan61 | Oct 28, 2016 Report Abuse
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Some of my purchases with Newegg were not credited and they claimed I went through another loyalty site, with is completly false
  czirkle | Sep 20, 2016 Report Abuse
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Didnt get my cashback on 11 of my 20 purchases. merchant doesnt honor its own promotions. newegg customer service says they are not aware of any such promotions and are unable to honor them. topcashback says it takes 1-3 months to investigate anything, so just sit tight.
  dasframas | Apr 01, 2016 Report Abuse
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Made a $350 purchase. Cashback shows as not available.
  mvplite | Mar 09, 2016 Report Abuse
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Didn't honor the cash back.. the reply was another marketting channel was used. I know 100% this was not the case.
  Pugger | Mar 03, 2016 Report Abuse
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I purchased a laptop for $836 and got 0 cashback. Opened a claim and 2 months later still no cashback. Beware.
  Lvscott | Feb 16, 2016 Report Abuse
friend icon failed to track the transaction several times recently!
  Ching8888 | Dec 18, 2015 Report Abuse
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