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Offer Expires December 31st, 2024

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Members earn on average $450 cash back a year.

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Redeem this deal and see how easy it is to earn cash back on all your online shopping with over 7,000 stores.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you offer me this deal?

We're simply supported by sponsored adverts and promotions dotted around the site and sometimes retailers will also pay us a bonus if we send a lot of shoppers their way. We're then able to offer great welcome deals like this for you.

How does TopCashback work?

When you make a purchase from a retailer featured on TopCashback after clicking through from our site, the retailer will give us a commission for sending you to their website.

We pass 100% of this commission back to you as 'cashback' which is added to your Earnings page, and once the commission is actually paid by the retailer, then we'll make your cash back 'payable' to withdraw and spend.

Will it cost me anything?

TopCashback is completely free to join.

When will I actually get my cashback?

Cashback should track to your Earnings page within 7 days of your purchase, but it usually isn't ready to spend straight away. We need to wait until the retailer's returns period is over before they confirm your cash back, and then once the retailer has paid us the commission for your purchase, we'll make your cashback 'payable' and ready to withdraw and spend.

About this promotion

New members must earn $10 on TopCashback to receive the $5 sign up bonus. Sign up for free and just shop with 7,000+ stores as normal. Cannot be combined with any other sign up bonuses. Individual merchant terms & conditions may apply.

Our average member earns over $450 cash back a year.


How do I use TopCashback?

We hoped you would ask! First, create a free TopCashback account. Then, search for the store you want to visit on our site. Once you’re on the store page, you’ll see a big ‘Get Cash Back’ button (you can’t miss it). Click it and you’ll be redirected to the store’s website. Just add items to your cart and place your order like normal. We’ll send you a cash back notification as soon as your transaction has been tracked.


How does TopCashback make money?

Let’s address the elephant in the room right now. We’re not a scam and we’re not too good to be true. We receive a commission every time a member shops at one of our 7,000+ retailers. But unlike our competitors, we give 100% of that commission to you, the member. We instead rely on brand sponsorships and promotions, which you’ll see dotted around the site. And sometimes, retailers will pay us a bonus as a thank you for sending a lot of shoppers their way.


When will I actually get my cash back?

Your cash back appears in your account within 7 days of your purchase, but it usually isn’t payable or withdrawable right away. We need to wait until the retailer’s return period is over (because any items that are returned will disqualify your cash back). Then once it confirms your cash back, the retailer pays us the commission for your purchase, which we pass on to you in full. That’s when we make your cash back “payable” and ready to withdraw and spend. It’s also important to note that once your money is payable, you can cash out whenever you wish. The money will stay put until you want it in your hands.


How do I withdraw my cash back?

Visit the Payout page in your account and explore over 35 payout options. You can request your money be sent to your bank or PayPal account. Or you can redeem your cash back for a gift card! (You’ll earn a small bonus with the latter choice.)