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friend icon Nice cash back offer from hotels.Com...Would use again
  Kfly1971 | Aug 29, 2016 Report Abuse
friend icon Thanks! reservation was as promised.
  Dennybob | Jul 30, 2015 Report Abuse
friend icon Will be better if use with discount code
  orpheus26 | Jul 12, 2015 Report Abuse
friend icon Usually correct, but so slow.
  b1bombervb | Oct 03, 2018 Report Abuse
friend icon Generous in combo with hotels.Com rewards, but slow! and I often have to file a missing cashback claim.
  b1bombervb | Feb 09, 2018 Report Abuse
friend icon Hotels.Com only seem to allow about 60% of all cashback claims, with no rhyme or reason - I always book them the same way
  Grumbleduke | Aug 22, 2017 Report Abuse
friend icon I got cashback after stayed about a few months
  Vongsakorn | Jun 14, 2017 Report Abuse
friend icon That's right, with all things being equal I get 3 cash backs out of 5, which makes me think going with a competitor with a bit lower cash back may actually be better.
  crukkh | Apr 19, 2017 Report Abuse
friend icon Every time I use them I have to lodge a claim as the bonuses never post on their own.
  garbanzo99 | Jul 27, 2016 Report Abuse
friend icon Used to be really great but since the new year they seem to have taken a turn for the worse...Much worse. In fact I haven't been paid since december, I have numerous stays which have not registered and the ones that have are not being paid. What's the deal hotels.Com?! if this keeps up I will consider trying hotwire or travelocity!
  bryanredd | Mar 22, 2016 Report Abuse
friend icon Systematic "offender". Sometimes they lower the purchase amount so they can pay out less cash back, sometimes they deny claims arbitrarily.
  elzach | May 15, 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon Extremely selective in awarding cashback, when cashback is due. Also they reduce purchase amount to pay less.
  elzach | Mar 28, 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon On 3 occasions, hotels.Com has given a lot of pushback on cashback claims. In 1 instance, they refused to pay out the advertised rate, and I didn't agree to their settlement. Topcashback ultimately settled with me for a greater amount than what hotels.Com was offering. Another case, I settled for 50% of the expected amount. The third case, has been left pending for 6 months. The expected cashback for the transaction is $93. It seems as though the common denominator is when you spend more at hotels.Com during their periods offering higher cashback, they will do anything to avoid paying out. Due to this trend, they have completely lost me as a customer.
  garlicmouth | Jan 12, 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon Not tracked properly. No explanation why
  kamelot | Jan 19, 2018 Report Abuse
friend icon It takes too long
  Emily182 | Nov 29, 2017 Report Abuse
friend icon Used to track very fast in the past, now more and more items are progressing to payable at zero rate.
  dimon84 | Sep 07, 2017 Report Abuse
friend icon 5 Out of 4 claims went missing! had to go back and forth with topcashback to track down the missing rebate. Very frustrating! also the link to the china site never works!!! was it intentionally or what?
  Speedrabbit | May 12, 2017 Report Abuse
friend icon Most transactions reported correctly, except for one (large) transaction which showed as payable at $0. I know it was a legitimate transaction that followed all the rules, so deciding not to pay out on the largest of my transactions (weeks of hotel stay!) will make me think twice about using hotels.Com again. There are other hotel sites :)
  crukkh | Feb 19, 2017 Report Abuse
friend icon Claim did not pay and I had to submit a lost claim that took two and a half months for my claim to be payable!
  Member76963864945 | Jan 09, 2017 Report Abuse
friend icon It takes a very long time to be cashback, the last time took 6-months (completed stay mid of dec 2015 and cash back in jun 2016). Recently stayed helsinki in mid of sep 2016 and found the payable records without amount this week 16 nov 2016 in 2-months time. Not sure when will it be cashback.
  Cancelaccount | Nov 15, 2016 Report Abuse
friend icon This vendor is extremely slow to approve cash back. I booked several hotels in june 2015, stayed in the hotels during april 2016 and to this date I have ony gotten 1 of these bookings to gave the cash back by filing a complaint. There are still 2 outstanding ones. It shouldn't be like pulling teeth to get my cashback.
  tikibird | Jul 21, 2016 Report Abuse
friend icon I get the promised cash back about 1/3 of the time, $0 back 1/3 and half the promised amount 1/3.
  ddutil | Jul 04, 2016 Report Abuse
friend icon Cash back and hotel reward are good but I always encounter 0 payable. Some of the transaction and hotel stay already 3 months ago. Submitted the claim missing cashback but the customer service feedback that need to wait another 60 days or more to investigate.
  liewhgwn | Jun 29, 2016 Report Abuse
friend icon It's like pulling teeth. This is the second time I had a delayed payment from hotels.Com. No idea why they take 3 months to pay when I pay the hotel at the time of stay. I understand it takes longer for vendors with return policies, but this is a hotel stay?!
  eddiepark24 | Mar 22, 2016 Report Abuse
friend icon Hotels.Com often misses tracking my spending with them and I have to submit support tickets to get credit on topcashback. Otherwise when they track correctly, they are fine.
  memoses | Nov 02, 2015 Report Abuse
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