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  • How to snag this TopCashback deal
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      FREE Shipping Offer!

      How do you get it?

      Visit Darden through TopCashback, purchase one (1) $10.00 or more Gift Card for $10.00 and then shop as normal. Within fourteen days $10.00 cashback will post in your TopCashback account.

      When do you get your money back?

      Within 14 days the $10.00 will turn payable in your TopCashback account and you can choose your payout method at that time.

      Who qualifies for it?

      This offer is available to new TopCashback members only. However as TopCashback doesn't limit accounts to one per household, if you're an existing member now's the perfect time to tell your husband or wife, mom or dad, roommate, neighbor or anyone else about TopCashback and perhaps they'll share their freebie with you. 

      Is there anything else important to know?

      Transactions must contain at least one $10.00 or more Gift Card from Darden priced at $10.00 to ensure $10.00 cashback is credited to TopCashback accounts. If another item is purchased under $10.00 the cashback amount awarded will be 2% or less (depending on the item(s) purchased) instead of $10.00.

      The deal is:

      - open until 23:59 PST on Friday, 6/1/2018
      - available while the product's price is $10.00 - subject to Darden’s Stock supplies and pick-up availability
      - applicable for online sales only, for purchases made directly after clicking through TopCashback.com

      Only one:

      - TopCashback account is permitted per member

      Please check out our Terms and Conditions for any other information

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