A Valentine's Day Gift Guide Menu for Men

A Valentine's Day Gift Guide Menu for Men

Posted on Jan 18 2022 Posted in  Money-Saving Tips, Holidays & Seasons
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A Valentine's Day Gift Guide Menu for Men

Welcome to Le Cashback, a restaurant known for its service, generosity, and of course cuisine. This evening, in honor of Valentine’s Day, the chef has put together a marvelous menu for the man that has stolen your heart. We take credit cards, debit cards, and encourage our patrons to use TopCashback where they can replenish their banks with money back from purchases.


The Appetizer:

A Personalized Card

To start the holiday, nothing puts people in a better mood than reading the heartfelt sentiments of a loved one. Sure, you could just walk into the pharmacy and get a standard Valentine’s Day card for your boyfriend/husband, but so could anybody. Wouldn’t it be nice to create something personal and unique to the couple? Your words, your images, your love? With a site like Shutterfly you can make a card from thousands of templates. Attach your creativity and Valentinian passion to make this card a keeper. Keep some of your cash while you’re at it with 2.02% cash back.


Main Course:

Time for the meal. What gift will you be ordering the man who is so special to you that he is worth spending your hard-earned money on? Well, what does he like? Graze the menu and see what kind of hankering the two of you have this year.

Something Sweet

If you are in a sentimental mood, think back on some memories the pair of you have shared. For example, take the place you went on your first date. Have a photo of the location printed and framed to serve as a nostalgic decoration and a reminder of the seed from which your love has blossomed. Using Art.com you can upload your own photos and have them framed for posterity. Using TopCashback.com you can receive 5.05% on your purchase.

Something Salty

Are you the type of couple that gets a kick out of arguing? Maybe not arguing, but playfully bantering while making everyone else around you uncomfortable? Then do we have the game for you! Just when you have found some, peace, quiet, and tranquility in your relationship, why not erase months of counseling with a game?

Debatable is a card game that encourages logic-based verbal warfare. The topics in this game range from the victor between a vampire and werewolf battle, all the way to the ethics of the death penalty. Put your relationship to the test and remember, it’s for fun! Maybe even more fun than saving up to up to 1.5% after finding this game on eBay.

Something Light

Is your man a record collector per chance? If not, keep reading anyway. Is he a lover of music, or do the two of you share a very special song together, or is there a song that reminds you of him? Sentimentality is a wonderful thing, especially on a holiday such as this. Explore the option of getting your significant other a vinyl record that can mean something to the both of you.

The great thing about a record is that even if the gentleman you spend most of your time with isn’t a collector and lacks a record player, you can still use the vinyl and its jacket as a decorative piece around your home. Not only that, but a quality record (new or old) is usually around $25, plus with 5.05% at DeepDiscount.com, you can save even more.

Something Heavy


If you can find one, I can’t think of many more things, per dollar, that say I love you like a Playstation 5. The price tag attached to this cutting edge console is outrageous because of the scarcity of the product (it’s retailed between 399.99-499.99!). Due to supply chain issues and the fact that this is one of the most highly sought-after products of the past few years, PS5s are being scalped for hundreds of dollars over the Sony established price.

However, as stated, if you have the money to burn and are really into making lavish statements of love on Valentine’s Day, you simply cannot go wrong with a PS5. Do your best to find one on eBay and receive up to 1% cash back.

Something Healthy

What is the best way to show somebody that you love them? A gift that makes them live for as long as possible of course. Prove to the most significant person in your life that you want to be by their side until the last heartbeat with a heart rate monitor, pulse oximeter, or a blood pressure monitor from Rite Aid and enjoy cash back along with the long and fruitful life of your soul mate.

Something New

Maybe the two of you decide presents aren’t worth it. After all, Christmas was barely a month ago, so you’re probably still gift-sick. In this case, maybe you want to pool your present budget and get each other tickets to a show through Ticket Liquidator. Here you can get tickets to comedy shows, the theatre, concerts, you name it. With the generosity of TopCashback you can receive 7.07% cash back.

Something Familiar

Remind your man of a simpler time with a Tamagotchi toy pet. If he has never had one, all the better. Use this digital friend as a symbol of yourself as your boyfriend will have to nurture, feed, care for, and entertain this pixelated alien. If he flourishes, you will know your man is headed in the right direction and you can begin to consider him as serious candidate for your future.

The only risk is that he may fall in love with the Tamagotchi and elope, but there is only a 5% chance of that happening.  More masculine Tamagotchis are available at GameStop with supporting characters R2D2 and PAC-MAN allowing for up to  cash back from TopCashback.


Reese’s Hearts

Chocolate is essential. A personal favorite and quite possibly the most important innovation in chocolate from recent memory is a Reese’s Heart with Reese’s Pieces inside. There is something about these hearts that pack such a satisfying bite of their chewy, burnt peanut butter with just the right amount of slightly melted Hershey’s chocolate enveloping the interior. This bar removes the ridges found on the edge of a traditional peanut butter cup, leaving just the smooth curves of the heart shape, perfect for the holiday.

With the addition of the Pieces inside, the team at Hershey’s improved the already perfect candy by introducing the element of crunch to the intestines of this most-divine February 14th treat. Plus, they usually come in packs of 6, so they can last you six full seconds. You can usually find this marvelous and imaginative snack at CVS with up to 10% cash back available.


For those of you out there shopping for someone with a peanut allergy or some kind of delinquent who doesn’t like Reese’s or Hershey’s, TopCashback has a back-up chocolate option.

Ghirardelli probably makes better chocolate than Hershey, we’ll say it. But, that’s okay, this type of chocolate isn’t meant for quick, checkout counter consumption. Ghirardelli ought to be relished in. This caliber of chocolate wants to have a relationship with you, it ingratiates itself with you on a cellular level, then introduces you to a caramel, raspberry, toffee, or any other of its crave-satisfying fillings. Ghirardelli chocolates are the chocolates for chocolate lovers and lovers alike.

Discover chocolate unlike any other at Ghirardelli and receive 8.08% cashback with purchases made through TopCashback.


We appreciate you visiting this fine restaurant and hope the service and curated menu were to your liking. Please leave tips in the comment section, see a-you a-next a-time!

Photograph of the blog author, Louis Pino.

by Louis Pino

Louis Pino is the junior copywriter at TopCashback.com. He defines frugality as not solely buying life's necessities, but being shrewd when it comes to purchasing your wants. This is why, since 2021, Louis has been spreading the good word of balancing money management and shopping through informative blog posts such as this.

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