Summer Spending Survey 2020

Summer Spending Survey 2020

Posted on Jul 06 2020 Posted in  Deals, Giveaways & Online Contests
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Summer Spending Survey 2020

Warm summer months are here and whether you’re spending the time at home, on a staycation or socially distancing on a beach, these activities can add up.

Have you set a summer budget? Will you be spending more or less money than last year? How much of your summer expenses will you be charging on a credit card?

These are the things TopCashback wants to know. And who better to ask all these questions to than you?

We love to hear from our members about their money habits. Take a brief survey and enter for a chance to win $50! One lucky winner will be selected at random on July 20th.

Please be sure to submit your email address at the end of the survey to be selected at random. Participants are required to answer every question to be eligible for the giveaway.

If you win, you will be notified via email from our email account.

Responses are voluntary and will remain confidential. All answers will be compiled together and analyzed as a group.

Take our survey below!

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Member425550011519Jul 20 20 - 10:25 Thank you for this opportunity to take this survey
Member1015809821249Jul 20 20 - 07:31 Thank you 😊
trinajaneJul 20 20 - 04:02 We will be spending less, no family bbq's thanks to the corona virus
Member727022280400Jul 19 20 - 23:00 Hlo biii
Judy1234Jul 19 20 - 22:24 Thanks agin for another chance to win! 😎
Hailstorm47Jul 19 20 - 20:01 Thankyou
Member910780575309Jul 19 20 - 15:09 Thankyou
scattiJul 19 20 - 08:49 I was always a staycation person, not really much of a change for me.
GCastillionJul 19 20 - 00:26 Happy Summer! There are so many diy activities that I am hoping to complete & Spending time with my family. I have set a budget & Will be using my debit card for my summer purchases.
GCastillionJul 18 20 - 23:54 Happy Summer! There are so many diy activities that I am hoping to complete & Spending time with my family. I have set a budget & Will be using my debit card for my summer purchases.
simonesimoneJul 18 20 - 12:00 Doing a lot of home and patio remodeling.
BeckyjdonnellyJul 18 20 - 09:33 Not spending a ton except for the remodel
Member626473731659Jul 17 20 - 15:43 Stay safe
EmmaL71Jul 17 20 - 14:10 I'm barely spending anything this summer due to covid-19! I'm trying to help flatten the curve so i'm not going out nearly as much as I do in the summer.
EmmaL71Jul 17 20 - 14:01 I'm barely spending anything this summer due to covid-19! I'm trying to help flatten the curve so i'm not going out nearly as much as I do in the summer.
jjcscanlonJul 17 20 - 11:09 My summer vacation money went to fixing our front steps/Walkway.
nicelimmiJul 17 20 - 02:24 Expenditures increased with covid-19. It feels good to receive a cashback as a TopCashback. Thanks :)
Hi There,

We're so happy to be alleviating a little bit of the stress for our members during these hard times :)


Vladimir_243Jul 17 20 - 01:41 Всем удачи и здоровья!!! А Topcashback был, есть и будет!!!
dionneJul 17 20 - 00:36 This years been tough on everyone, so ready for a much needed staycation & If I can save money or find some good deals along the way, all the better !
Volkswagon7Jul 16 20 - 21:26 Top Cash back consistently has the best deals, so now I just automatically use them. Also, I love that TopCash back doesn't make you have a high minimum before cashing out. They are a decent and honest site, which is huge. They put the customer first, like in the good old days.
Hi There,

Thank you so much for this positive feedback! :) We are so happy that you love our site, it's our pleasure to assist members like yourself!

Best Wishes,

irenegrJul 16 20 - 20:21 I’Ve used quite a few cash back sites over the years, and some have come and gone. Topcashback is hands down the best!
Hi There,

We really appreciate your positive feedback and are so thrilled that you love our site! :)

Best Wishes,

cheryl06Jul 16 20 - 16:12 Love your app!
Member1022400919946Jul 16 20 - 16:08 Good luck everyone 🙂
Judy1234Jul 16 20 - 16:08 Good Luck to all!
WendyfromCaliJul 16 20 - 15:48 Done with survey.
JaannisJul 16 20 - 15:46 Thanks Top Cash Back!!!
JaannisJul 16 20 - 15:41 Thanks Top Cash Back!
JaannisJul 16 20 - 15:32 Thank You Top Cash Back!
Orestes09 Jul 16 20 - 15:31 Love summer time only bad things is hurricane season
AlmasepulvedaJul 16 20 - 15:13 Good luck to everyone
Member526062462845Jul 16 20 - 15:13 Good luck everyone!!!
molly3Jul 16 20 - 12:08 Fun survey - happy Summer all!
mariagrandaJul 16 20 - 11:57 Keeping hope high
Reshko1989Jul 16 20 - 10:12 Good question.
SandimJul 16 20 - 09:56 This year has change things for a lot of people
mom2palJul 16 20 - 09:05 Covid has really changed many families financially!
Michelle_FanJul 16 20 - 01:55 Hard time at2021
Liquid71Jul 15 20 - 20:20 Topcashback blows away the competition! Happy summer days stay safe everyone.
Hi There,

So glad you're loving this giveaway!


bogeydogJul 15 20 - 06:59 This year has been very different!
Stacy ChenJul 15 20 - 04:19 Stay healthy
ashgurJul 14 20 - 19:51 Stay safe!
prizky88Jul 14 20 - 19:39 Good n the best
Member1122890831325Jul 13 20 - 15:36 Stay healthy, work hard
Hi There,

Such wonderful news to hear that you're taking care of yourself, keep it up! :)


Member726897910312Jul 11 20 - 17:36 Do work, earn money
Member626591012456Jul 11 20 - 09:40 Changing plans seems to be the norm now.
nolanriverbayJul 11 20 - 09:35 Thanks for super app. I switched from rakuten cash back program to TopCashback and thrilled I did!!
Hi There,

We are so happy to hear that you're loving TopCashback, that is exactly what we want for all of our members :)

Best Wishes,

JoshrJul 10 20 - 23:17 I need moneeeey
mparham1987Jul 10 20 - 20:38 Mine is visiting kids since they are now grown and live a few hours away
LijeansamJul 10 20 - 19:10 Trying to enjoy the summer as much as possible without worrying too much and with positive vibes!
srsnh4Jul 10 20 - 18:56 My money is still spent on my children. But now, included in my money spending are my grandchildren and my service dog. My husband wants to retire so he told me I need to stop spending money on our adult children because they can spend their own money on themselves and my daughter can buy her kids stuff. My son says that he hasn't had children yet but when he does, I have to spend as much as I spent on his sister's kids with his kids. I'm medically retired. I don't have the heart to tell my husband he's never gonna retire. Ha! Ha!
Hi There,

Sounds like your children and grandchildren are very lucky to have you :)

Best Wishes,

PivdenJul 10 20 - 18:00 2020 funny
Charismahunter05 Jul 10 20 - 16:47 I enjoy saving!
ccklingJul 10 20 - 16:43 More stay at home activities, less travel.
Member626480470248Jul 10 20 - 16:15 This isn't a normal summer, times are uncertain, spending habits will be conservative.
myaelanJul 10 20 - 15:49 New Hobbies for Summer of 2020. Traveling is out so doing more gardening and house projects.
Bkeee69Jul 10 20 - 15:45 Had a cruise planned but it got cancelled because of the virus
ajones00Jul 10 20 - 15:26 Covid-19 has wrecked all my spending plans
TaraAnn77Jul 10 20 - 15:22 Kids moved away from home this past year. Spending is much more focused on updating our camper ☺️
WildvortexJul 10 20 - 15:21 Survey again
cheryl06Jul 10 20 - 15:18 Surviving 2020 😷
synthiamjJul 10 20 - 15:17 With this pandemic I don't know if I will spend much money
tweetytabJul 10 20 - 15:17 My big family vacation will not be happening this year.But I will be spending more money on groceries and my utility bills because we are all at home and do not planning on going anywhere. I enjoyed your survey and would love to win the money because I can definitely use it.Thanks
pukachupennJul 10 20 - 15:13 I want to travel :(
winniloiJul 10 20 - 15:12 I thought this summer I will spend more money for home
Member525908824447Jul 10 20 - 15:11 Want to get out
cheryl06Jul 10 20 - 15:09 Surviving 2020 😷
Nenny22Jul 10 20 - 14:44 With the Covid-19 , I don't know if I will be able to go for a rode trip this year. What's open? Thanks for the invite!
bopperwhopperJul 10 20 - 13:55 Cool survey.
PivdenJul 10 20 - 13:49 2020 funny
Member66702610256Jul 10 20 - 13:41 This was actually a nice survey. Ty for the chance to win uch needed moneyll
Hi Linda,

So glad you loved the survey. You're very welcome! Good Luck :)


EmyEmyJul 10 20 - 13:39 Great Survey!!!!!!!
schan148Jul 10 20 - 13:03 No plan for summer vacation this year =(
LeeRabJul 10 20 - 12:51 No credit for this family
Member224507205805Jul 10 20 - 12:51 Being an essential worker only increase in spending has been ppe. And clothes for hubby due to 100# Weight loss because of illness.
Thoughts and prayers for everyone!!
Hi There,

TopCashback thanks you for all you do as an essential worker! Prayers and thoughts are with you and your husband as well.

Best Wishes,

LeeRabJul 10 20 - 12:45 It's Tough this year
mocha_latteJul 10 20 - 12:31 Great survey!
LeeRabJul 10 20 - 12:29 Love to see my family
Papa longJul 10 20 - 12:06 No thanks
Aniluap23Jul 10 20 - 12:03 Hopefully keep planing stuff and activities for my kids to keep them active and not be board
Member726809453551Jul 10 20 - 12:03 More debt = Less spending
BlondeSugarJul 10 20 - 12:02 My summer spending has remained the same.
NasslesJul 10 20 - 08:20 Back at work, so spending is up!
czechbobJul 09 20 - 23:38 None, thanks.
sheppard0011Jul 09 20 - 19:31 As we all know that the world has changed, everyone has had to adjust the way of life,
jamoderbyJul 09 20 - 17:43 Home lock down preventing me from usual summer spending. Camping, festivals, Fairs, etc. 🙁
Sodef723Jul 09 20 - 14:41 I am praying this will be a better year...The last couple of years we have had hurricane. Michael.Cancers and surgeries and even a death.My family and long time friends use to ha summer blow out bbq and even bands...But like I said so much saddness.Has delayed. The last couple of years but between prayers and faith I am sure another summer blow out & Get together with old friends & Family is in our future! And I am also praying for a better time for our country too!.....Diane Frederickson (maryfred101@Comcast.Net)
Member1122904547026Jul 09 20 - 11:38 Yup covid
Member26238616726Jul 09 20 - 02:48 Pick me!
linhongjunJul 09 20 - 01:21 Plan was canceled due to ...
LolojoeJul 08 20 - 22:45 No plans to travel this year.
Member224873625839Jul 08 20 - 19:43 We will spend time as a family, but maybe not with any travel as intended
Member626481375608Jul 08 20 - 17:14 My husband and myself love the beach!
KrittersJul 08 20 - 16:54 Looking forward for this virus to go away if not we will avoid the crowds and go camping in the mountains on family's land not crowded in the town there's only one gas station!
pussmom212Jul 08 20 - 16:34 As we all know the world has changed.Everyone has had to modify way of life.I will be spending less on activities and dining out as well as pool membership.My expense spending has changed overall.For instance ,i am not spending on transit as I stay within blocks of my home.
dionneJul 08 20 - 11:53 Looking forward to a much needed, short mini vacation next month to the Smokey Mountains!
That sounds like so much fun, really do hope you enjoy yourself! :)

Best Wishes,

MrsPhyliciaRussellJul 08 20 - 10:41 Cost of everything has went up so its inevitable to spend more.
MrsPhyliciaRussellJul 08 20 - 10:36 Cost of everything has went up so its inevitable to spend more.
syelirJul 08 20 - 09:40 No camping for us this summer. Backyard camping is in
Member815024270327Jul 08 20 - 08:41 Usually taking a family vacation but this year it is on hold.
MimiLJul 07 20 - 13:09 Might be spending less on entertainment, such as movies, zoo, theme parks, etc. Since cov8d 19 has closed up many venues
Hi There,

Yes, that is very true. That's a positive thing to remember in the midst of this crisis.

Best Wishes,

smargolies123Jul 07 20 - 12:59 Traveling with family
Member726849578249Jul 07 20 - 08:19 Great great
Judy1234Jul 06 20 - 17:06 My husband is in the car business and the last few months have been the best in years! Covid-19 or not or economy is moving in the right direction.
Hi There,

That's very refreshing to hear in the midst of all the chaos going on :)

Best Wishes,

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