Member Spotlight: Melanie Prestino

Member Spotlight: Melanie Prestino

Posted on Jul 01 2024 Posted in  Member Spotlight, Money-Saving Tips
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Welcome to our Member Spotlight Series! We want to learn more about how our members are using their cash back to help with life’s everyday expenses—or if they’re saving it all up for a rainy day. 

Each month we’ll be interviewing a different member so that you can hear their side of the story. For our July 2024 edition you get to meet Melanie Prestino from Barnegat Township, New Jersey. Melanie enjoys using her cash back earnings to purchase gift cards through TopCashback. Read on to find out more about what she had to say. 


TopCashback: For how many years have you been a member of TopCashback?  What made you decide to join? 

Melanie: I started back in 2017. My mom is a member and had recommended I use TopCashback—she told me that you have a higher cash back rate than other cash back sites. So, I’ve been a member of TopCashback since then.  So far I've earned almost $240 just by shopping for things that I would normally buy anyway. So it’s been nice to see the accumulation over the past few years. And my mom saved over $1,000 so far by shopping through TopCashback. She’s been a member for probably 10 years or more. It's been a lot of fun to use.

TopCashback: What are some of your favorite retailers to shop at through TopCashback?

Melanie: I shop at QVC, HSN, Target, Walmart and Lowe’s the most. Usually when I'm shopping online it's for items for the household, like toiletries. For instance, if I'm shopping online at Target, I'll order napkins, paper towels, hair dye and shampoo—whatever I can order that adds up to at least $35. Then I'll have it shipped to my home for free. 

I like shopping at Walmart and The Home Depot for seasonal items too. Just recently, I bought an outdoor deck set. In the summer, I also buy things for the garden and backyard. QVC and HSN have tons of great clothing, although I’ve shopped for kitchen appliances or pots and pans from there as well.

I have also used TopCashback for hotel reservations at since usually you get a  high amount in cash back if you're going on a big trip. My mom has used it for specific hotels like IHG or Marriott, and then she's gotten cash back when we've traveled to Puerto Rico or even local destinations. So yeah, it’s definitely worth it.

TopCashback: What do you typically like to use your cash back earnings for? Do you prefer to spend or save it up?

Melanie: I just transfer [the money] to my bank and then use it to pay whatever bills I have that month. So, whether I have $20 or $10 cash back earnings, it's in my bank account and helps me pay for expenses for the month.

TopCashback: How has being a member of TopCashback made a positive impact?

Melanie: I think for me, it's just being able to purchase things that you're normally going to buy for your household and then making a little money back on it. So I’m saving some money while just buying items that I was going to buy anyway. That's how I look at it.

It’s a win-win because if I just bought it directly from the retailer, I'm just going to be paying what I'm paying. But by using the TopCashback site I get back a little bit back, which helps with paying bills in the future. I have also referred friends and family who have joined and it’s been a positive experience for all of us.

TopCashback: What is your favorite thing about TopCashback?

Melanie: It's a community of people that are looking to save money. I enjoy communicating with other members during your livestreams through the chats on the TopCashbackUSA Facebook page. I even like the surveys— I've done those before and won money maybe about a year ago. So, that was unexpected and fun. 

The bonus days where you give an extra $2.50 back are also great for when there’s not a high percentage of cash back on something you're buying—it helps to beef it up a little bit. It's definitely something that is easy to do and it's fun to see how much cash back you’re earning. It's like, I have a little savings pot over there just waiting to be released.


This interview has been edited for length and clarity.


Photograph of the blog author, Michelle Harris.

by Michelle Harris

Michelle Harris is a copywriter at TopCashback. When she’s not writing about money-saving tips, she enjoys hiking, cooking, and spoiling her chunky cat.

SavingsHoarderJuly 14 2024, 07:51 Nice interview but Home Depot for seasonal items?
Melaniep1173July 3 2024, 09:18 Thank you Michelle that was a lot of fun being interviewed. Have a great summer!
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