Father's Day Survey 2023

Father's Day Survey 2023

Posted on May 22 2023 Posted in  Deals, Giveaways & Online Contests
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Father's Day Survey 2023

They may embarrass us with their dance moves, but we wouldn't be who we are without them. That’s right — we’re talking about dads!

Tell us, do you plan to celebrate Father’s Day this year? Are you getting your father-figure a gift this year? What’s your father-figure’s biggest pet peeve?

These are the things TopCashback wants to know. And who better to answer all these questions than you?

We love to hear from our members about their Father’s Day plans. Take a brief survey and enter for a chance to win $50! One lucky winner will be selected at random on June 5.

Please be sure to submit your email address at the end of the survey to be selected at random. Participants are required to answer every question to be eligible for the giveaway.

If you win, you will be notified via email from our winners@topcashback.com email account. The survey closes on June 5, 2023 at 6:00 AM PT.

Responses are voluntary and will remain confidential. All answers will be compiled together and analyzed as a group. See the full giveaway terms and conditions for more information.

This survey has closed. Click here to view the results!


romanraymondJune 7 2023, 02:01 Happy Fathers Day
AntSherrieJune 4 2023, 21:07 My Dad can no longer do the things that motivated him to get up and love life every day for the first 83 years of his life. I will make the dessert of his choice as food is the one thing he still enjoys and take it for him to share with my Mom and their new friends at their Assisted Living Facility. His greatest loss no longer being able to Deer hunt. His greatest joy still having my Mom. They will be married 66 years in August! He married at the ripe young age of 21.
Member136092846708June 4 2023, 18:03 Got a pair of Cole Haan. Happy Father's Day!
Assem79June 3 2023, 20:35 Good Luck Everyone
Member132788575006June 3 2023, 13:39 I plan on spending it with my boyfriend
Scorpion28June 3 2023, 01:50 Good Luck Everyone
jhumrooJune 2 2023, 19:52 Fathers need one day of recognition every year since every other day of the year is mothers day :)
LadydolsonJune 2 2023, 19:03 Plan to celebrate with my dad and my husband. Hoping they would all like to do something together!
Aigerim2507June 2 2023, 12:23 ЦЕНИТЕ ОТЦОВ КОГДА ОНИ ЖИВЫ
chi917June 1 2023, 16:40 Earn more cash back on Father's day!!!
Member97250738107June 1 2023, 15:48 The ultimate father Donald trump should be elected president in 2024
hotaruika3June 1 2023, 14:06 I hope I can spend Father's Day with my father in law at golf club.
TrixieJJune 1 2023, 13:49 Thinking about my father in Heaven.
CisterJune 1 2023, 12:37 I hope to make my husband his favorite dinner. As I sit here in icu waiting for our daughter to come back from another mri. I pray we both will be back home by then.
ReginaFlorianJune 1 2023, 11:53 I’M going to celebrate my husbands ! He is the father
Of my kids! I don’T have a dad anymore but i’M so happy to celebrate it with my family. We are going to a nice restaurant and give gifts
whamewoJune 1 2023, 11:33 Hope I win someday
JimGJune 1 2023, 11:03 I currently do not have any plans for father's day. I wouldn't mind getting something for my father but the budget is tight currently.
littlefoxblueJune 1 2023, 10:46 Well, that survey was a bust. Not everyone watches television, not everyone's dads are at home, and not everyone has involvement with their dad.

JJaroniJune 1 2023, 10:35 I wish I could celebrate with my dad, r.I.P.
jdefranc1966June 1 2023, 10:24 My dad lives in Florida and I live in Michigan, so I will call him and send him a card. He is 85 years old and has everything he needs, so we typically don’T send him a specific gift.
Member313272128455June 1 2023, 10:19 My Father has passed, but I have a 92 year old Father-In-Law who is like a Father to me! He’S one of a kind. They don’T make them like him anymore. We celebrated Father’S Day at our house with a Barbeque, with his 4 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren!
songokuJune 1 2023, 09:39 Happy Father's day, time to fishing!
adeindratMay 31 2023, 18:59 Its not a custom in my country to celebrate fathers and mothers day, we should though.. But i'm too shy to start :/
Member1132135816427May 29 2023, 15:03 I hope I can spend Father's Day with my father
Member236449603759May 29 2023, 07:12 I wish I could spend Father's Day with the man I consider the best father in the world..
Bona0415May 29 2023, 04:59 My father is visiting me from South Korea so I will have time with him. We are planning to go seeing Niagara Falls and travel Canada!
melodyweiwangMay 28 2023, 17:02 I love TopCashback, as it typically provides the higher cash back rate than other providers. And the redeem is very easy and can be done at any time.
mhama nadaMay 28 2023, 15:59 Happy birthday to every wonderful father who struggles for a living.
BeeHopsMay 28 2023, 08:19 I wish I could spend Father's Day with the two men I consider the best fathers in the world..
My father has already passed away... Every day he's in my life though..
My husband passed away in 2017 and he also shows every day he's in my life and my children's life
Happy Father's Day to the heavenly father's
Member630860573112May 28 2023, 05:57 No, I won't.
Member15821378853May 27 2023, 11:28 My dear father has passed from Cancer and now my husband too has Cancer.The children will call and send some beautiful cards, got they are out of state.
Chuck79May 26 2023, 18:47 Happy Fathers Day to my Grandpa in the Heavenly sky !
sleepydreamerMay 26 2023, 15:21 Happy Father’S Day 🎉
mhama nadaMay 25 2023, 20:07 The father is life and without him a man is lost.
Member336706656629May 25 2023, 16:42 My Dad has been gone a long time but I still celebrate him for the great dad he was
Joethestone23May 25 2023, 15:53 Can’T wait to celebrate Father’S Day with my dad!
Member436940499127May 25 2023, 15:39 Happy Father’S Day
Member232890692615May 25 2023, 15:22 My father took us fishing with him on Saturday mornings and I continued the tradition with my son.
best_deals_aroundMay 25 2023, 07:20 We are celebrating father's day by taking my dad to Harms Farm where he can watch ducks. His favorite hobby. He will be surrounded by his great grand kids, grand kids and his own kids.
Member533720905736May 24 2023, 21:12
Great day thank you all
Member1135547805542May 24 2023, 19:55 Happy Father’S Day
Member537092268206May 24 2023, 18:59 I hop I win , ty
Spicybby_May 24 2023, 18:48 My dad and me will be spending Father’S Day by having a bbq at my home while watching the game and having my whole family there🥰.
Hoang70May 24 2023, 18:35 Happy Father’S Day to all dads
Member734429251036May 24 2023, 18:26 Will celebrate with a family trip to San Antonio
JayrussMay 24 2023, 18:23 Going shopping with dad on TopCashback!
emcoliMay 24 2023, 17:28 Grilling out at home
tongkl2019May 24 2023, 16:08 Will celebrate with a family trip to Las Vegas
thefresh33May 24 2023, 15:43 My best friend and the best dad in the whole wide world!
FjepdiMay 24 2023, 14:26 Happy fathers day
muraligrandhiMay 24 2023, 14:17 I am planning to go with my family dinner.
Vivek4684May 24 2023, 13:20 Time to shop from mej section
Member710406165447May 24 2023, 13:07 Happy Father's day to all the wonderful Father's.
Member537232204112May 23 2023, 02:34 Played a big roll to mould our lives.Dedicated whole life for us.Went through fire water to bring us to some positions.That's the farther.We owe farther eeternally.
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