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7 Ways to Save While Spending Your Tax Return

Posted on Apr 18 2017 Posted in  Money Saving Tips
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Tax Return Savings

If you’re looking for the best way to spend your tax check, we have seven great ideas that will get you more bang for your buck. We love the ideas of saving and paying off debt with your tax return, but you can also save right now by making large or valuable purchases you’ve been putting off.

1. Take a Trip

A recent study that went viral recommended spending money on experiences rather than things. To get a hit of warm weather or just a change of pace, use our current top picks for cash back at sites like and Marriott and take a trip to reconnect with family or friends. Our cash back on those sites right now is a great deal even if you’re just able to get away for a long weekend. By the time you get back, we think you’ll be refreshed enough to make it to summer!

2. Get a New Computer

As much as we all use computers these days, don’t underestimate the convenience that updating that technology can bring. Technology changes fast and a computer that moves or updates faster helps you do your work faster. Time is money, and less frustration is less life stress. Our coupon code at Dell right now will get you a discount on this great idea for making your life easier this spring.

3. Purchase Sports Equipment

If you are a sports fan, you could update your equipment. Another great idea would be to use coupons on equipment to let that special kid in your life try a new sport. Kids who participate in youth sports are eight times more likely to be active as adults, so you’d be investing in your child’s healthy future. With special cash back at Eastbay right now, you’ll save extra, too.

4. Update Your Wardrobe

If New York Fashion Week has you inspired, update your wardrobe without feeling guilty. We’re not convinced there is a bad time to update your wardrobe, but spring is always a fun time to refresh and renew anything, including your closet. Many of our top coupon and cashback deals right now are on clothing – like American Eagle Outfitters, so you can refresh and still save money.

5. Connect

If the afterglow of Valentine’s Day has you inspired to get back out there, it’s a great time to do it with our special coupon code at eHarmony. It takes a lot of courage to decide to open your heart, so if you have the courage this spring, jump on the opportunity to save money while you do. If you’re already in love…see number 1.

6. Get New Appliances

If your washing machine or dishwasher have been close to giving out, our special coupons at JCPenney right now could help you save on appliances, even on top of cashback. Even if it’s a toaster or TV on your list, right now you might be able to get a great deal on an appliance or electronic you’ve been wanting to replace.

7. Get a Payout Bonus

With all the cash back earned from the above purchases, choose from several payment methods on TopCashback to get a bonus added on top of your payout. With up to 5% bonus cash back on top of select payout methods, you can earn money from the savings you generated! It's a win-win! Choose a payout today.

When you get your tax refund, consider those great paying off debt and saving for college options, but don’t forget to treat yourself – especially since there are so many ways to use cash back rewards and coupons to do it!


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