Satisfied with this Merchant

The merchant satisfied rating is based on the total number of successful transactions that have occurred since the star rating came into effect. Merchant reviews with ratings of one or two stars are considered unsatisfactory.

The nature of reviews means that members are a lot more inclined to write one if they have had a negative experience than if the process went without issue and the cashback was tracked and paid on time. This new rating scheme was introduced on the back of research which showed that some merchants may have a small number of negative reviews, yet hundreds or thousands of members have successfully completed transactions without experiencing any issues – giving an inaccurate reflection to members of the merchant’s performance.

We hope that this new rating will help Top Cashback members to make a more informed decision before making a purchase as they can now get a better idea of the ratio of negative comments to the number of successful transactions.

Merchant Reviews FAQ's

Why does Top Cashback not monitor the retailer comments?

The comments are kindly provided by our members as an information resource for other members. The whole aim of the comments facility is to enable members to see a true representation of the thoughts of other cashback members on each retailer’s cashback scheme – so excessively monitoring and changing comments would not follow this ethos. Furthermore, everyday thousands of comments are added across thousands of merchants – making it almost impossible to keep up with recent comments.

Why does Top Cashback not take action based on negative comments?

The aim of the comments facility is purely to act as an information resource – rather than to trigger actions from the Top Cashback team. On rare occasions, if comments are too inflammatory (or contain swear words for instance), then we may remove of modify – but our aim is to allow the vast majority of comments to remain so as to give an indication of the success of each cashback scheme. FAQ icon

Why does Top Cashback not take action against merchants with negative comments?

Please remember that it is human nature for people to comment more when something hasn't gone smoothly compared to if everything proceeds exactly as planned. Sometimes, it may appear that almost nothing is working well for a particular retailer, when in fact, the statistics show us that most transactions are tracking and proceeding just fine. In cases where there are problems with a retailer (such as late payments or difficulties with tracking) then we will almost certainly already be on the case and chasing this up. FAQ icon

All of the negative comments put me off using a particular retailer or even from using your cashback site.

In some ways, this is fine. The comments are clearly working to raise awareness, but we would ask you to remember that people are much more likely to comment when there is a problem compared to when everything has proceeded smoothly. Other sites don’t tend to allow negative comments to be seen or choose not to show any comments at all – we, of course, also have wondered if it would be better to hide all comments, but prefer to show as much information as possible to enable our members to come to informed decisions wherever possible. FAQ icon

It is clear from the comments that a particular retailer is very late paying its cashback. Why doesn't Top Cashback remove this retailer as it isn’t playing fair.

Merchants from time to time fall behind in their payments. Occasionally they can fall VERY far behind. Situations such as these are a HUGE headache for us as well as for our members, but we certainly know about these situations and will definitely being doing all we can to chase up the retailer and payment. From past experience however, we certainly will expect the payment to come through in due course – so we don’t feel we should remove the choice of using that retailer from other members. We are proud of the fact that by continuing to show comments and statistics, we are being as upfront and honest as possible and enabling our members to make their own, informed, decisions.

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