Shared Tell –A –Friend Bonus - $10 For You And Your Friend!

During this promotion the Referred member (new member) will receive a $10 sign up bonus, and the referring member (member sending referral link) will receive $10 Tell-A-Friend bonus, when the below Terms and Conditions are adhered to.

  1. To be eligible for the Tell-A-Friend sign up bonus, you must join via a valid referral link, as a new member between 02:00 PST November 2, 2015 and 02:00am PST November 16, 2015.

  2. The use of is still bound by the standard Terms and Conditions and existing Tell-A-Friend Terms & Conditions.  

  3. We reserve the right to void your eligibility for the Shared Tell-A-Friend sign up bonus if we believe you’re not a genuine, new TopCashback member.

  4. Upon joining in this time period via a referral link, you will be eligible for $10 cash back being added to your account.

  5. Once you have reached the $10 minimum payable cash back threshold for Tell-A-Friend members, the new member will be able to request their cash back via the usual payment page, within the account section of the TopCashback site.

  6. Your $10 sign-up credit will only be available to withdraw once you have earned a minimum of $10 in payable cash back.

  7. There is no cut-off period by which you must earn the $10 payable cash back to ‘release’ your $10 sign up credit

  8. If you join TopCashback from a referral/Tell-A-Friend link during this promotional period, your $10 sign-up credit will not count towards the $10 threshold you need to reach before yours or your friend’s Tell-A-Friend bonus will become Payable.