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  saolmar | 13 Aug 2015
friend icon I LOVE!! Getting money back for purchases I'm already going to make - how much better could it get??
  sacornwell | 15 Jul 2015
friend icon I love Cashback! I always shop online and now I can make money while doing it! Since there are over 3,500 online stores I know that I will never have to worry about not having my favorite site. I get paid straight to Paypal so it is easy.
  chas | 10 Jul 2015
friend icon lovely...i must say topcashback rocks.....
  Member12629970125 | 16 Jan 2015
friend icon I have never seen a program for saving money that makes it so easy to earn. I am just happy I found you guys and can make a little difference in my life. Thank you so much.
  Kkraus | 15 Nov 2014
friend icon Cashback... so nice hear these worlds.... My cash go back to me... So nice!!!!
  Member72002086318 | 29 Sep 2014
friend icon I just wanted to send quick Thank you for my fast payment that was direct deposited into my account this morning. It was stated to take up to 7 days, I received payment in just 3. Of course I was skeptical of this website & did not get my hopes up about receiving my payment, it was only for $17.90, but hey, that's gas or lunch money. So Im super excited. It truly warms my heart that prompt & friendly service still exists. All my email inquiries have been promptly answered & gave great clarification. Thank you again!! Here is a screenshot of my received payment in my account!
  crazy12003 | 18 Sep 2014
friend icon My first transaction went great. I was very impressed but my second has been extremely disappointing! I purchased an IPad through The site at Best Buy on May 4 and still haven't seen any cash back. I just filed an inquiry after waiting the 15+ weeks estimated for my transaction to become payable and received a message that I now need to wait another 4? before anyone will look into it?!? I can't in good conscience recommend this site to anyone or use it again with such poor response.
  KG3 | 27 Aug 2014
friend icon I love that TopCashBack provides cash back for products I would already buy. Not only can I get cash back for my online clothing purchases, but I love the ability to get cash back for sites like LivingSocial or Groupon which makes great deals even better! I get paid to do what I love! Who could ask for a better system?
  avaught | 19 Aug 2014
friend icon I love TopCashBack! It is the EASIEST way to get money for things that I was already going to buy!
  kirstiehales | 17 Aug 2014
friend icon I love TopCashBack, the site is easy to navigate, the deals are great and the money is easy to earn. I love it so much!
  Member82176494614 | 17 Aug 2014
friend icon Best Cash Back site online! I used others, but I get my highest payouts on Topcash Back!
  hwright9 | 17 Aug 2014
friend icon TopCashback is the best, easiest "cash back" site out there! The name truly fits! One click is all it takes, and TopCashback does all the work for you. You can even choose your preferred payment method (Paypal, Amazon gift card, etc.). I would recommend this site to anyone.
  Member31234466457 | 17 Aug 2014
friend icon I love topcashback. I got my daughters the Frozen DVD combo pack, normally $29.99 for free! They always have great deals and offers for my family to enjoy!
  Laurla98 | 17 Aug 2014
friend icon I really get great deals that I can't find anywhere else but Topcashback. Love it!
  Member8475700421 | 17 Aug 2014