How to start earning cashback

We’d love your help to spread the word about TopCashback

We promise to give 100% of the commission merchants pay us straight back to you, as cashback.

There isn’t a joining fee to use TopCashback, nor will we ever require a payment from you. For this reason, we don’t have a big marketing budget and we need you, our valuable members, to recommend us and tell all your friends and family about how much they can save by shopping through us.

Please encourage them to join TopCashback.

The benefits for them and you

Not only will your friends and family thank you for highlighting the USA’s most generous cash back website, enabling them to save $100s a year on purchases they would have bought anyway, but you’ll help us secure better cash back deals for you, them and everyone else. This is because the more members we have, the higher the cash back rates we'll be able to negotiate on everyone's behalf!

We’ll even reward you with cash

As a thank you for talking about us; for every person you refer to TopCashback, we’ll give you a $10 bonus once they've made $10 payable cash back.

There’s no limit to the amount of bonus cash you can make.

By telling 100 friends about us, provided you follow the tell-a-friend rules, you will get $1000 as a thank you. Friends, relatives, colleagues, acquaintances, strangers; so long as they sign up via your personalized link, you’ll be eligible for the bonus. Though please remember you’re only allowed one TopCashback account per person, so you can’t refer yourself.

How to earn cashback with TopCashback

It’s easy to save money and earn cashback through TopCashback:

>Step 1: Any time you want to shop online for goods, or sign up to a product or service, simply log into your TopCashback account first.

Step 2: Use our retailer directory search box to find the online store you want. We have over 3,200 listed and are adding more and more each day.

Step 3: When you have found your chosen store, click through to it using the special link on, then shop as you normally would. If the online store or product provider you’re looking for isn’t listed in our retailer directory, please contact us and let us know. We’ll try our best to get them added for you to shop at in the future.

Step 4: Once you have completed your purchase, special tracking information will be passed to the retailer. This will let it report back to us how much cash back you have earned, which we will keep a record of in your earnings page.

Save $100s each year with TopCashback

We have over 3,200 stores, product providers and services that allow you to earn cashback on (nearly) all of your online shopping. If you don’t know which store you want to shop at, try browsing our categories first. Here you’ll discover many websites you recognise and many you have never heard of but sell exactly what you want!

Whether you’re signing up to financial products, a cell phone deal, electronics, food, clothing, toys or almost anything else you can think of; remember to click through via TopCashback.


The Top Cashback Team